Bold, Chiseled and Innovation


Kershaw Knives Trade Show Booth, a 50’ x 50’ booth with horizontal knife displays and the Kershaw red. Interactive kiosks for attendees to find out more about merchandise, and a private conference room for serious buyers.


The pithy spire pulp cells of an orange; and the glowing array of the light-yellow fade to green heart of a kiwi. Inspired found in an unlikely place, the organic slicing of fruit to find a variation of repetition and movement.


Kiosk Ideation:

The design of the digital kiosk pulls directly from the Kershaw Knives brand. Ideas evolved incorporating the "K" of Kershaw for a simple display, to the fully mobile system placed inside a rugged military style vehicle.

Kiosk Design:

Digital tablet allow for the consumer to search through the Kershaw site undisturbed, and display cases showcasing the prominent products are on the opposite side, along with info monitors so the public can learn a bit more about the brand.


The booth is designed for a 50'x50' island format. Utilizing the exposure from all four sides the design shifts to show the different sides of the Kershaw. The digital kiosks are located opposite from tall illuminated spires that draw the consumers attention. Walking around the booth one may notice the cut outs of knives displaying the product and that allow buyers to see all the way through to the towering  "K" private sales room.


Inside the towering "K" resides the office. Clear walls allow for light and the frosted k's offer privacy. The repetition of the Kershaw "K" continues with the design of the office sales table.


Kershaw Knives trade show booth stands tall and offers a free flowing floor plan with plenty of opportunity to showcase Kershaw's complete catalogue of products.