Industrial Designer


As a designer I try to push limits and keep evolving. Not just thinking outside the box but redesigning it as well. I want to design everything from vehicles and utensils to environments and processes. Taking the art classes I could, pondering how I could make products better and learning build processes; Art, design and fabricating have driven me from an early age. I think that a step toward great design is learning from past designers, and applying my knowledge and design point of view in a new and different way.


My designs focus on the user, bringing them what they didn’t even know they needed. My concepts exhale excitement. The designs themselves vary from edgy and hard lines to organic soft supple sweeps.


As an Industrial Designer, I’m constantly on the search for new ideas, new strategies and more efficient ways of bring my concepts to fruition – whether it’s from print, the Internet, social media, television or random comments from friends.


Being a designer gives me endless opportunities and leaves me doing what I love. Everything in our world is brought to us by me and my kind - designers.


~Bryan Hennessey